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FOX News
Sep 8, 2010 11:00pm EDT
of those presidents got into trouble at one point or another in their administration. how is barack obama handling his trouble that he's definitely in right now, as compared to the others? >> i'd say he's handling it pretty poorly in the sense -- just in sheer political terms. i mean, i think the trouble he is in, i think he'd be in some trouble anyway because of the economic conditions. and that would -- and look, new president's first midterm elections almost always mean lost seats for his party in the congress. so all of that is in place. the reason, i think, that it is worse for this president, why these poll numbers are among the worst if not the worst that i've ever seen is he's made a series of political miscalculations, very serious ones. you know, his first one was the stimulus bill that was misconceived, it came at a time when the public was worried about spending. then after it was done, he acted as if the business of the economy was finished and he moved on to other things. principally what turned out to be an unpopular health care bill which he obsessed over and worked on fo
Sep 1, 2010 7:00am EDT
can we do for you? >> and now "bbc world news." >> this is "gmt" on "bbc world news." barack obama and the the combat missions in iraq, saying it was time to sort out challenges at home. tough words on how the cost of war hurt the american economy. >> we spent $1 trillion on by bg overseas, shortchanging investment in our own people and contributing to record deficits. >> the sweet taste election victory, the journey of tony blair, including the bitter memories. >> whether i regret the decision, you cannot, you have to take responsibility but you cannot regret the decision. >> the breakdown of palestinian leaders threatened by the murder of israeli settlers. hello, welcome to "gmt." years ago, when george bush invaded iraq, he said it would unlocked the middle east peace process. now it is up to barack obama, the man that opposed that war, to prove the point. he declared an end to combat operations in iraq and tomorrow, thursday, he will oversee direct talks between israelis and palestinians for the first time in years. laura? >> barack obama campaign to end what he called a rash m
Sep 5, 2010 4:30pm PDT
dangerously. from last labor day t to,his barack obama has governed like there's no tomorrow. he's going after his bucket list like there's no tomorrow. fight or flight? can obama's people get voted to the polls warning of a republican reign of terror? and finally, the 2012 starting gate. our first in the country look at the morning line on the top candidates out to take on the president. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today, "newsweek"'s howard fineman. msnbc's norah o'donnell, the "atlanta journal constitution"'s cynthia tucker and "time" magazine's michael duffy. first up, labor day is the official kickoff of the fall campaign. what a difference a year makes. this week last year, barack obama spoke to a joint session of congress to try to upgrade his popularity after a very tough august, getting beat up in those health care town halls. >> the time for bickers -- bickering is over. the time for games has passed. now is the time to deliver on health care. chris: that was the night a republican congressman called him a liar. by year's end, the white house was getting poun
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 12:00am EDT
florida voters, are you happy or glad about that 2008 decision? who is glad that barack obama won, raise your hands? who is disappointed? why are you happy and why are you disappointed? you first. >> i'm happy because i am seeing change in my community. a park where there was nothing but gangs and different bad stuff going on is now a beautiful skate park. >> you want change come to my community you can buy 15 condominiums for nothing. >> where is your community? >> in the middle of broward county. >> not a result of barack obama a result of the nature of the economy and problems that were inherited by barack obama. >> i believe he's total disconnect with the people. he's pushing his own agenda, putting policies through in the middle of the night. no one has been reading them. >> even though i didn't vote for obama, when he was elected i prayed that he would be successful. unfortunately, he wasn't. he hasn't accomplished anything since he's again if office. all i see a bad economy. people out of work and no money moving. >> i was happy when he won, even though i didn't vote for him. beca
Sep 10, 2010 11:00pm EDT
del presidente barack obama.. .. un alto porcentaje de latinos desconocen los beneficios del seguro cial, es por eso que claudia uceda nos dice como nos podemos beneficiar de nuestros aportes... ch"tomasa esta content porque hoy recibio su primera pension del seguro social: 245 dolares! pero ya casi se le fue de las manos "para terminar de y lo demaa comida..." en tiempos dificiles donde muchos hispanos han perdido su empleo, el seguro social se convierte en una fuente de sustento para miles de familias, pero muchas personas conocen los requisitos para "no solo somos ana agenciaes que provee beneficios de jubilacion , tambien tenemos beneficios por incapacidad, benefsiosde sobreviviende tambien tenemos el beneficio medico que es el medicare " y or que con folletos y anuncios como este, el concilio nacional de la raza lanzo una campana sobre el sistema del seguro social al cumplirse 75 anos de su creacion.. "muchos ancianos latinos , gran parte de ellos no tienen acceso a los beneficios del seguro social y por eso es importante que l
Sep 23, 2010 7:00pm EDT
, certainly. does he know or something that we don't know about the potential of barack obama to unite the party? or is everyone for himself at this point? >> i think he knows every man or person for himself will not work out because you'll see people going in lots of different elections. this is a nationalized election. it is going to be at least in part maybe large part, a referendum on barack obama and the democratic-led congress. what i think bill clinton is smart about, the advice he's trying to give is to say you need to focus like you did in 2006 and 2008 on republicans. remember, chris, this has to be -- i say it's a bear election. you just have to be faster than the other guy. you just have to be faster than the bear. people don't like democrats. they also don't like republicans. bill clinton i think is saying, focus on republicans. focus on what they be doing. and barack obama to his credit he's trying to do that. he's gotten more in campaign mode lately than he has. democrats would have liked him to be in there sooner. so they're trying to do it. i think though to john's poi
Sep 16, 2010 6:30pm PDT
barack obama se reunió con legisladores hispanos que apoyan una reforma migratoria y la aprobación del dream act. tenemos todos los detalles >>> será una modificación de costa a costa , en la anticipación de un voto en el senado sobre el dream act de conseguir los votos necesarios >>> y al pareer, también contará con el apoyo de la casa blanca los líderes hispanos, acudieron su apoyo inequívoco >>> más claro... muy entusiasta, fue muy claro, en que él iba a hacer absolutamente todo lo posible, y que iba a trabajar mano a mano >>> va a utilizar su liderazgo, el poder de su oficina va a hacer llamadas a los senadores, para pedirles que voten a favor del dream act >>> la propuesta ayudaría a millnoes de estudiantes a legalizar su estatus migratorio el dream act será incluida en el proyecto de ley del presupuesto >>> el senador de arizona, dijoi que el proyecto no tiene nada que ver con la defensa de la nación el año pasado, él mismo apoyaba el dream act ahora dice que esto es una movida política antes de las elecciones en noviembre criticó que miles de hispanos han servido
Aug 31, 2010 6:00pm PDT
imágenes de la carretera el y hoy en noticias univision 14. --el presidente barack obama puso fin a las operaciones militares en irak, aunque esto no signficara un pronto regreso para miles de soldados. --las autoridades locales le dieron un duro golpe a una de las pandillas mas peligrosas de california. --ya presentaron ante la prensa a "la barbie" el sanguinario narco capturado ayer en el estado de mexico. -decenas de pasajeros vivieron momentos de angustia cuando uno de los motores de su avion estalló, obligandolos a regresar de emergencia al aeropuerto de san francisco de donde habían despegado momentos antes. le diremos como terminó la historia.--un doctor latino que abusaba sexualmente de sus pacientes en plena consulta debera pasar una larga temporada tras las rejas.--tambien, si usted utiliza los autobuses de "ac transit" preparse porque podrian avecinarse nuevos recortes a ese sistema de transporte.lo esperam cada día en bolivia pasan accidente con fatales consecuencia principalmente por negligencia de choferes >>> aquí tenemos impactantes imágenes de las carretera del mu
Sep 8, 2010 6:00pm PDT
más. .>> el problema de la obesidad infantil es un tema de la e ministración presidente barack obama. >>> van a poner una página en españo con información de la eforma de salud. >>> frío di no sabe de la reforma de salud. >>> no tengo idea de los beneficio. >>> para ayudar a miles de personas el gobierno lanzó este miércole la página web un nuevo sitios en espaol. >>> le dan la información para que usted tenga la oportunidad de ver todos los planos que existen en su comunidad informarse uno mismo y ver cuales con mejores para ustedes y familia. >>> en cuidado de saludo frment g o b van a poder en quien entrar servicio privado y público comparar hospital y entender la reforma de salud. >>> aquí están toda la diferente oficial. >>> teléfon donde llamar, consultar un mñdico, todo lo que necesita para hacer una decisión para informarse. >>> en la próxima semana incluso van a poder, comparar costo. >>> en octubre es algo que van a tener precio van a tener la oportunidad de comparar si plan x le va a costar tanto o más. >>> habrá información sobre diferente precios de pla
Sep 13, 2010 11:00pm PDT
secretaría de seguridad interior defendió el política de presidente barack obama. >>> la pregunta es que si la leyes que tenemos ahora son lo mejor para nuestro país la repuesto es no. >>> necesitamos que el congreso arresto arregle nuestro sistema aquí considerando lo cambios que tan teniendo creo que la respuesta es si. >>> Él insiste que una reforma migratoria es seno cial pero no parece haber ni voluntad ni espacio. >>> ellos están diciendo que no hay suficiente volts allá esperan que lo resultado de las elecciones ayuden. >>> uno y otro culparon a demócrata y republicanos por la decisión. >>> la idea que tiene que ver con proteger la frontera es una retórica inmadura, pero éñ elefante el cuelo nadie quiere tocar es un asunto de este país transformandose en un país latinos americano. >>> este año solo podrí verse aprobado el dream act (acta de los sueños y la ley para trabajos agrícola. >>> despué de la elección exigir que el congreso trabaje por una reforma migratoria. >>> si toma en maneje, está frase va a tener un nuevo significado para las personas indocumentado,
Sep 27, 2010 6:00pm PDT
incrementó un 40%. -la casa blate barack obama iativa de a nueva norma para ente con e fuerzas policial ebook" y perar por internet, con lo que utilizan lo teléfono la se trasocial como facebook y res y se de conexo sdresht como cerca y esquía. >> hoy se instalaron de trern con la meta de prevenir muertes, entre ciudad de maun tan vi, don com". reportado en aumento de obteneez dios entre adolescentes para más información. (teléfono enpantalla). bÓ una beca de san francisco van de la fund tener una buena educación s iversitaria porque el distrito para de dólares por parte de la una universita para ampliar beca solo un cuarto recibe diploma. >>> presidente barack obama propuso que se ex tienda el añ escolar. >>> presidente barack obama admitió que su hijas no tendría la ca li de educación que reciben en su escuela privada, la confesión soso prendió a más de uno. >>> tuvo la oportunidad de visitar a las escuela publica. >>> esto profesor de una escuela publica de washington d.c no se siente ofendido porque el presidente dice la verdad. >>> si tienes dinero, tú puedes comprar un
Aug 31, 2010 7:00pm PDT
to an extorsion attempt and the attackers hasn't been paid. >>> president barack obama declared the u.s. combat mission this iraq over, but in his oval office speech, he says the u.s. will maintain their commitment to iraq with 50,000 american troops staying there in a support role. nicole collins is in washington for more. >> this was no mission accomplid moment as one white house aid put it. it's more like a change in aid moment. >>> at a cost of more than 4,400 military killed, the combat mission in iraq is over after more than seven years. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of their people. we have met our responsibility. >> but in a prime time address from the oval office, they said the united states commitment to a self reliant iraq continues. >> troops will remain in iraq with a different mission, advising and assisting iraq troops. >> republican leaders in congrey america's success in iraq is not because of president barack obama, but inpiet of him because as a senator he opposed the surge that many credit for turning the tide of the convi
Sep 14, 2010 12:00am EDT
model. he called barack obama a con man who managed to trick america into electing him, quote -- what if obama is so outside of our comprehension that only if you understand kenyan, anti-colonial behavior can you begin to piece together his actions. that's what newt gingrich said this weekend. i want to know, can we go any further down this suer of hate. isn't it enough to fight over taxes and spending and wars? do we have to attack the very americanness of the president, who brought this country such honor by his inspiring rise to office. plus, we heard john boehner say he would be willing to extend the bush tax cuts for the middle class. sounds like he's willing to compromise. maybe, or maybe he's luring democrats into a trap. we're going to ask the "hardball" strategists. also, the big political story in tomorrow's primaries, may come out of delaware, where a sarah palin/jim demint conservative may be poised to score the biggest upset of the season. a win by christine o'donnell would be good news for the tea party but it could, it could cost a chance to take over the republican sen
Sep 1, 2010 7:00am PDT
, anoche el presidente barack obama se dirigió al país, se terminó la guerra y dijo que esta es una guerra en la que no habría participado si ñl estuviera al frente del país, por supuesto las pñrdidas son enormes, al menos 4400 vidas perdidas y 3500 soldados cuyas vidas han sido marcadas para siempre, esto sin contar el elevado índice de suicidio entre soldados que han estado en la guerra, el presidente barack obama dijo que se enfocarán todos los recursos militares para lo que se refiere a la guerra de afganistán >>> ayer se dio una persecución, hirieron mortalmente al sospechoso, al interios del vehículo la policía encontró el cadáver de una mujer, la policía no ha hecho comentario respecto al caso, pero habrían dos casos más relacionados >>> 7 de la mañana y 3 minutos, las temperaturas son muy cambiantes, no sabe uno que ponerse, tendríamos temperaturas 10 grados más altas que ayer, vamos con gloria >>> váyense rapidito al trabajo y sin abrigo, las temperaturas están llegando casi a los 70 en san josñ, vemos las temperaturas en pantalla, temperaturas de hasta 90 gra
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am EDT
las cosas en el mundo. desde aquÍ el presidente barack obama pronunciÓ su Último recurso la la naciÓn pero lo acaban de remodelar, veremos quÉ cambiÓ y quÉ quedÓ igual. comenzamos. ♪ >> vamos al punto con jorge ramos. ♪ al >> al pal puntoal puntoal puntoo soal puniviental pe estah@al puo detoacioneuntol ecua ph@ano a an al pegar aalpaÍtopudierunto h@istir mÁ punal paltounto puntp >> luego llegÓ disparando a mÍ,o al puntoal punh@al puntoal punan >> y esto es importante, dice que viajaban 76, hasta el momento hay 72 cadÁveres, por lo tanto podrÍan existir 5 sobrevivientes, no dos. para hablarnos dealreaccitÓn deunto honduras de esta tragedia nos acompaÑa vÍa satÉlite desde tegucigalpa el puntosidental pun al pporfiral puntoal puntoal pÍ agradezco mucho que nos permita compartir countoted al palesta los cuerpos de los que fueron masacrados, y untoal puntoal puo tenemos 25 hondureÑos identificados. >> seÑor presidente ¿podemos hablar del sobreviviente o la sobreviviente de honduras? ¿quÉ es lo que sabe al respecto? unto toal puntoal puntoal puntoal pu porque dio a
Sep 13, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, most protective model. he called barack obama a con man who managed to trick america into electing him, quote -- that's what he said this ekend. i want to kno can weo any further down this suer of hate. isn't it enough to fight over taxes and spending and wars? do we have to attack the very americanness of the president, who brought this country such honor by his rise to office? plus, we heard john boehner say he would be willing toextend the bush tax cuts for the middle class. sounds like he's willing to compromise or maybedo luring democrats down a trap. also, the big political story may come out of delaware where a sarah palin-jim demint c conservative may be poised to score the biggest upset of the season. her win would be good news for the reblican party. and how meg whitman's madmen managed to rip the top off a fight between two top democrats. let me finish with the inspiring sight i saw this weekend in front of independence hall. let's start with newt gingrich's tribal attack on the president. i think you have to go back to almost pagan rights to find this, talking about obama b
Aug 31, 2010 11:00pm PDT
of the combat mission in iraq president barack obama delivered a major address w'÷fr the oval office. the president touched on the new mission for troops in iraq and the broader fight against terrorism. >> reporter: at a cost of more than 4400 u.s. military killed, the combat mission in iraq is over after more than seven years. >> the united states has paid a huge price to put the future of iraq in the hands of its people. >> reporter: but in a primetime address, the president said the united states commitment to a stable iraq continues. >> u.s. troops will remain in iraq with a different mission advising and assisting iraqi military forces. >> reporter: republican leaders in congress says america's success is not because of president barack obama but in spied of him. as a senator, he opposed the troop surge. a top house republican said this to the president. >> one lawmaker rejected the idea saying and again i am quoting, in fact i think we will do the reverse. >> reporter: with one combat mission complete, he made it clear, the fight against terrorism and the war in afghanistan are
Sep 30, 2010 9:30am PDT
the confidence of the great president of the united states, barack obama barack obama trusts ray lahood. one other person that is not here that i want to technology is jerry brown. this has been a decade for him for decades. i know he is in southern california right now. it is very important to acknowledge, as others have, that for generations, california has stood as the beacon for innovation for the nation and world. yes, we salute our governor for the role he plays -- david, give him our guards. i am sorry that he could not be here with us. every manifestation of our state, whether it is the people who vote, local, regional authorities to participate, elected officials, everyone agrees that this was a priority. when the secretary says we have our act together, mr. secretary, we have been ready for a long time. what made such a difference, what tipped it over, of course, was the vision and leadership of president barack obama and the courage to go forward with this american reinvestment and recovery act which has saved or created mins of jobs, and now so many more in our state. we have bee
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
's the same thing barack obama benefitted from in 2008. well, he's going to be a moderate. liberals thought he would be the great liberal. they became sort of -- they became the hope candidate in many ways. even if they haven't seen hard evidence to prove otherwise. >> it's like an old santa claus mask that always seemed to be looking at you when you're walking by. he's with me. that guy is with me. i want that. john heilemann, do you take the same view? when voters are saying they're not going back to their old way, they have a new approach. less spending, less taxes the real conservative stuff, the gold. >> i think another piece of the polling in the nbc poll that talked about how when people were asked directly are you voting against president obama or voting for the republicans? more of them said they were in favor of the republicans. they were saying this is a positive affirmative vote. i think those people are fot exactly lying but lying to themselves. they're rationalizing a vote. nobody likes to vote purely in a negative way. they want to feel they're voting for something, even if they
FOX News
Sep 20, 2010 2:00am EDT
. you can see we will ignore it and on barack obama with's policies and ignore the personal questions and count on people's animosity towards those obama actions in order to win the election or you can take the perspective that i do which is people are not going to hear these arguments about president obama and his policies and what the democrats are doing in washington as long as these questions are out there. and frankly, here is the data. if you take a look at primaries like those in nevada, kentucky, colorado, missouri, florida, where a republican strong conservative won the primary they immediately jumped to the lead in the polls. in nevada, sharron angle went 11 points of harry reid immediately after she won the primary. in kentucky, rand paul moved 20 points ahead. alaska, joe miller moved 8 points ahead. in delaware, the poll says kristine o'donnell remains 11 points behind the democrat after the primary. we all want to have a republican -- i want to have a company senate. i assume all of the rest of these people want to have a republican senate. the question is what is the be
Sep 2, 2010 6:00pm PDT
these difficult topics that have not been brought up yet. >> now barack obama has set a one-time line to reach a peace deal. how realistic is that? >> if you would have asked people before these two days, many would have said freezes over before this happens. but i think that one year is more of a symbolic thing. it is there to show the commencement of the view of the administration and to put a little pressure on the two sides, which the u.s. has been doing for a year now, putting pressure on the two sides so they finally were willing to go back to the negotiating table and maybe to even find a peace deal. i think it is not a question of time. it is a question of will power of the leadership of the two leaders in the two countries do not want to strike a deal, you can have the negotiating of 10 years. if they really are committed, then i think it would be possible. although the odds and not really changed that much. there are still all these topics that need to be resolved. it is one year or two years, i do not think that the administration would say after year, ok, we're done. they would of
FOX News
Sep 28, 2010 5:00am EDT
% strongly disprove. on the subject of his possible re-election, 44% say they will vote against barack obama the next time around. 38% say he deserves to be reelected. 42% of americans say the president is very liberal. and 41% say the new obama care legislation is terrible. just 18% favor it enthusiastically. so the mood of the country is obviously running strongly against mr. obama's policies. as for the republican party, mitt romney has a 45% favorable rating. 28% don't like him. sarah palin 44% like her. 49% do not. mike huckabee 49% like him. 25% do not. and newt gingrich clocks in at 35% favorable. 39% unfavorable. turning to the media listen to this. 81% of likely voters now get their information about politic from cable news. 71% say they get it from information from network news. on the cable news front, 42% of respondents say fox is their main source of information about politics. 30% say cnn. just 12% cite msnbc, which is disastrous. the politico george washington survey also polled media people. when asked who has the greatest positive impact on the political debate in america yo
Sep 10, 2010 5:30am PDT
posibles ataques terrotisras. el mismo presidente barack obama preocupado por la seguridad, exhortÓ al pastor para que no lo hiciera. >> si el pastor estÁ escuchando, espero que entienda que su propuesta es totalmente contraria a los valores norteamericanos. >> las manifestaciones del pastor hal incitado a otros a hacer lo mismo. >> el propÓsito de quemar este libro el sÁbado es demostrar que no creo en su dios, dijo. >> el pastor dijo esta noche que le mintiÓ acerca de la decisiÓn de mover la mezquita en nueva york. eso quiere decir que continÚa la incertidumbre sobre si quemarÁ o no el libro sagrado de los musulmanes el sÁbado. >> gracias a ti desde nuestro centro de satÉlites. vamos ahora a comerciales y al regreso, lo que anunciÓ irÁn en relaciÓn a una estadounidense detenido y acusado de cruzar la frontera de manera ilegal. >> tendremos la declaraciÓn del presidente barack obama sobre a nueve aÑos de los faÍdicos ataques terroristas en nueva york, una Íctima nos cuenta que hizo su familia para superar la tragediay bailaremos con el elenco de "mira quien baila" ensa
Sep 21, 2010 6:30pm PDT
>>>josé: en exclusiva el presidente barack obama, responde a telemundo sobre la derrota del dream act, la reforma migratoria y la separación de familias. >>> estamos aquí pidiendo una oportunidad >>>josé:selo nado dice no al debate que incluía la posibilidad de legalización para millones de estudiantes indocumentados - peligro latente al conocerse cuáles son los gaseoductos más peligrosos en el norte y centro de california. >>> noticiero telemundo con josé díaz-balart desde washington dc >>>josé: buenas tardes, hoy hablamos con el presidente barack obama en la casa blanca sobre el dream act inmigración y mucho más. esto se lo voy a tener en minutos. y comenzamos el noticiero con los detalles del dream act que fue a votación en el senado, a mis espaldas y sufrió una dura derrota. la suerte de la iniciativa migratoria atada a una propuesta que bloqueaba la ley que prohíbe a los homosexuales en el ejército. pero como nos dice lori montenegro. se perdió una batalla pero no la guerra. >>> la frustración y el dolor fue evidente entre cientos de jóvenes alrededor del
Sep 5, 2010 10:00am PDT
mundo. desde aquÍ el presidente barack obama pronunciÓ su Último recurso la la naciÓn pero lo acaban de remodelar, veremos quÉ cambiÓ y quÉ quedÓ igual. comenzamos. ♪ >> vamos al punto con jorge ramos. ♪ >> vamos al punto en la masacre de 72 inmigrantes de centro y suramÉrica en méxico, ha dejado muy en claro lo peligroso que cruzar territorio mexicano para tratar de llegar a los estados unidos, esta matanza ha dejado tan en el claro que los narcotraficantes ya estÁn involucrados en el negocio de transportar inmigrantes. hasta el momento sabemos de dos sobrevivientes de esta tragedia, son de honduras y de ecuador pero segÚn declaraciones del ecuatoriano a llegar a su paÍs pudieran existir mÁs sobrevivientes. >> luego llegÓ disparando a mÍ, este de dos minutos, y levantÉ... >> y esto es importante, dice que viajaban 76, hasta el momento hay 72 cadÁveres, por lo tanto podrÍan existir 5 sobrevivientes, no dos. para hablarnos de la reacciÓn de honduras de esta tragedia nos acompaÑa vÍa satÉlite desde tegucigalpa el presidente porfirio lobos, gracias por estar con nos
FOX News
Sep 17, 2010 12:00am EDT
with barack obama. nobody wants to be seen with nancy pelosi. more democrats are running ads against health care than for health care this is about a republican civil war, if you listen to the media. >> the news media will do everything it can for the next 47 days to try to talk about anything except 9.6% . -- unemployment. trillions in debt. disaster of the democratic party's health bill. the failure of the democratic either in the gulf of mexico with the bp oil disaster. the elite media will try turn every return right, if republicans are still standing on election day whether it is christine o'donnell or it is angle in nevada or it is rand paul in kentucky or you name it, they are gonna win. and they are gonna win for a simple reason. the obama democrats have been grinding the economy into the dust. leaving americans unemployed. we just had the highest number in poverty released today. i think in years. we have the highest number of -- >> sean: one in seven americans in poverty now. >> that's right. we have 50 million people without health insurance. we have the highest number of america
Sep 11, 2010 6:00pm PDT
los bomberos y rescatistas muertos ese dia >> el presidente barack obama estuvo en el pentagono recordando este dia >> mientras enueva york las familias de los fallecidos leyeron una oracion a las victimas >> han pasado nueve años y la tristesa continua en las familias que perdieron a seres queridos vinieron a recordar con fotos, banderas etc. >> tambiñn se realizo 4 minutos de silencio >> el 11 de septiembre es un dia muy delicado para los ciudadanos de nueva york . >> hay protestas porque dicen que el 11 de septiembre no es un dia para politizar sino para recordar >> ya han pasado nueve años >> en el área de bahia un ciudadano quiere ayudar a los minenres chilenos y nos dira como >> en la temperatura veremos como se ha comportado >> en california se espera calor hablaremos mas en nuestro seccion no se vaya >>cc1: mas adelante >> -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de santa -eodo de san
Sep 11, 2010 11:00pm PDT
damnificados. >> el presidente barack obama le dijo al gobernado arnold que lo ayudaria con donaciones para las personas afectadas. >> si usted quiere donar dinero llame al numero que sale en pantalla. >> mientras que funcionarios de san bruno reciben contribuciones del publico. >> si usted desea contruir en la noble causa envie el cheque el número postal. >> cambiando de tema. >> confirmaron la identidad de la persona que fue asesinado. >> el sospechoso murio dorante un enfrentamiento con la policía el pasado 31 de agosto. >> hoy se conmemora a las victama de terrorista en estados unidos . >> cada de uno de los emblemas patrios tiene los nombres de los bomberos que perdieron la vida en la caida de las torres. >> las familias tambiñn llegaron con fotos y banderas a conmemorar la memoria de las victimas. >> una persona murio y otra fueron hospitalizadas cuando choco un vehiculo que venia en sentido contrario. >> una hora mas tarde un auto se paso un alt. >> mas adelante . >> un residente de bahia quiere ayudar a los mineros de chile los vientos estan a 5 millas por hora. >> sin embargo se rep
Sep 7, 2010 7:00pm EDT
's the same thing that barack obama benefited from in 2008. >> wow. >> people put the most positive -- independents thought he's going to be a moderate. liberals thought he would be the great liberal. they became the hope candidate and many ways this idea of a new republican congress, voters are being hopeful, even if they haven't seen any hard evidence to prove it otherwise. >> you know, chuck, it's like one of those old santa claus masks that used to be in the store windows that always seemed to be looking at you, you know, when you're walking by. that guy is with me. >> give me that toy. >> john heilemann, the same question to you. do you take the same view that when people, voters are saying, oh, they are not going back to their old ways. they have whole new republican approach which is less spending, less taxes, all the good old -- not the good old bush stuff but the real conservative stuff, the gold >> i think they are rationalizing it and another piece of the polling in the nbc poll that talked about how when people were asked directly are you voting against president obama o
Sep 6, 2010 7:00pm EDT
barack obama won big listen to mike fitzpatrick slapping the democratic incumbent. >> four years ago, patrick murphy had no record to run on. we no legislative record, and this time he has a record and the record is not good. it's a record of voting for obamacare, it's a record of voting for stimulus, creating no jobs, it's a record for voting for the bank bailouts, the t.a.r.p. program. he voted with nancy pelosi 97% of the time, and that is not the value and the ethic of this district. >> the textbook republican case right there trying to tie the incumbent to the liberal house speaker nancy pelosi saying he votes with the obama white house all the time. that's the national republican strategy on exhibit right there in the pennsylvania, the philadelphia suburbs. now listen to the incumbent patrick murphy. guess what? when fitzpatrick was in congress george w. bush was president. maybe you've heard this before. >> people are hurting out there, i mean people are looking for work, our economy, you know, the bush administration and mike fitzpatrick ran it into a ditch and we're trying t
Sep 19, 2010 10:00am PDT
dice que no es racista. que el presidente barack obama estÁ equivocado en decir que la frontera estÁ mejor. defiende la sb1070, dice que no discrimina en contra de los latinos, y asegura tambiÉn que muchos inmigrantes indocumentados se han convertido en traficantes de droga. tambiÉn el senador demÓcrata menÉndez hace su propia propuesta migratoria, quiere legalizar a millones de inmigrantes indocumentados pero ¿habrÁ tiempo para hacerlo? el lÍder del senado quiere presentar el dream act que legalizar y a -legalizarÍa a cientos de estudiantes indocumentados. para discutir las principales noticias de la semana nos acompaÑan el corresponsal... y francisco ayala editor de prensa libre. estÁ con nosotros el actor mexicano joaquÍn cosío nos habla de su pelÍcula, y tambiÉn cÓmo en mÉxico la realidad supera a muchas veces a la secciÓn. comenzamos. ♪ >> vamos al punto con jorge ramos. ♪ >> vamos a comenzar este programa con una entrevista exclusiva para los medios de comunicaciÓn en espaÑol con la gobernadora de arizona. no fue fÁcil, llevamos casi cuatro meses solici
FOX News
Sep 29, 2010 5:00pm EDT
'll begin with obama's father, this man, barack obama senior. barack obama senior was born in kenya. he came of age in kenya's great struggle of independence against the british, called anti-colonialism. to push the british out of kenya. he came to america in the late 1960s as a student, to study at the university of hawaii. this is where he met obama's mother. this woman right here. stanley ann dunham. they were married. actually, he didn't tell her at the time he was already married. he had married a woman in kenya. they had two children. ultimately he married four different women and had eight children. he was quite a character. he was also a chronic drunk driver. he was involved in multiple accidents. he lost both of his legs in one of the accidents. >> glenn: hang on a second. i want to make this really clear. because my mother was an alcoholic. died a tragic death. yada, yada. you're not insinuating anything on that he was, you know, a drunk or anything else. >> no, no, no. >> glenn: it's fact. >> it's fact and i'm getting to it because it creates a tremendous trauma in obama. obama id
FOX News
Sep 7, 2010 5:00pm EDT
, president of seiu. whose concerns are addressed first? his or yours? let me let barack obama answer that one for you. >> you will know who is on your side because i have been at this a long time. i spent my entire adult life working with seiu. i'm not a newcomer. >> glenn: wait until the bottom of the hour. global warming rates dead last among issues of the day among the american people. dead last. but cap-and-trade is in the new budget. wait until i show you the game. at the bottom of the hour, the president is putting phantom profits in the budget from an energy policy we're nowhere near close to passing. what does he know that i don't know? i don't want to hurt mother earth and i don't think you do. but yet, they are going to force to us go green. how? cap-and-trade. watch. >> under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates are going to necessarily skyrocket. >> glenn: what is that going to do to our financial system? how about media and freedom of speech? how about the internet? any network that doesn't get a thrill up their leg when listening to the president is harshly decla
Sep 27, 2010 12:00am PDT
at the altar? should a presided lea the charge against his foes? is it cool for barack obama to go face to face with the tea party set or does it help bring him down? finally, commander in chief. the book reveals president obama rejected the push for a wider war in afghanistan. they wanted in, he wanted a way out. hi, i'm chris matthews. welcome to the show. with us today is john heilemann, cynthia tucker, nbc's norah o'donnell and "the washington post" michael gerson. with barely five weeks left before democrats may lose the congress, president obama is trying to fire up the people who sent him but have lost faith. some presidents were the same politicians in office as they were running for office. f.d.r. was, reagan was, clinton was. a moment this week showed the contrast between president obama and president clinton. with barack obama, recall how george bush 41 suffered in comparison to clinton in the 1992 town hall debate when a voter asked a feel your pain question. >> how has the national debt personally affected each of your lives? and if it hasn't, how can you find a cure for the econom
Sep 19, 2010 10:00am EDT
gracias por hablar con nosotros. >> es un honor estar aquÍ contigo jorge. >> el presidente barack obama dice que la frontera entre mÉxico y estados unidos estÁ mÁs segura que en los Últimos 20 aÑos ¿tiene razÓn? >> no... (risas) >> ¿pero está dicieque el presidente obama estÁ metiendun presidente, lo respeto, pero no creo que estÉ segura la frontera, creo que nunca han estado seguras. de hecho es que nos puedan dar toda la informaciÓn, todas las estadÍsticas pero los hechos son los que importan. al puntoh crimen ha bajado en arizona.h@ estadÍsticas pero a fin de cuentas todavÍa tenemos un problema, antes de ayer hablÉ con los agentes de la patrulla fronteriza y todavÍa tenemos 214.000 ilegales pasando nuestras fronteras, son demasiados, no los podemos asimilar. jorge tenemos leyes en nuestra naciÓn, somos una naciÓn donde rige la ley, y en arizona tambiÉn, y tenemos que acatarnos a nuestras leyes, existen por cierta razÓn, como las que existen en mÉxico mÉxico también tiene leyes migrats mÁestrich@univisional p podemos mantener la inmigraciÓn es legal en relaci
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